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YMCA Family,

My name is Misti Hollenbeck-Harris and I am very excited to introduce myself as your new Membership and Wellness Director! I have been involved with the YMCA for a few years and have taught fitness classes here for the last 2 years. You will become accustomed to seeing my face at the front desk so if we have met, please stop by and say hi and if we have never met, I think it is time that we do!

I am quite proud of my new role here at your Adair County Family YMCA and I hope that you will join me in taking on a new role here for yourself. If your YMCA brings to mind the wonderful and cost-efficient child care programs, kid’s sports and camps, please also sign yourself up for some of the adult sports and social opportunities that we offer. Grownups need to have fun too! Or, you may think of the YMCA as a place to take a fitness class or work out but we are also a fantastic place to spend some family bonding time playing basketball or wallyball with your kids or walking the track with an elderly parent or neighbor. You can even have a birthday party, family reunion or social event inside or outside under our beautiful pavilion. We are so much more than you may realize! Join me this Fall and step outside of what might be your comfort zone and try some of the other programs we have available. We try to include details about our programs in these quarterly newsletters and on our website and Facebook page but I am sure we do not answer every possible question in here so if you have a question, give us a call or stop by! We are here to help.

This is your Adair County Family YMCA so please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions that you believe will help make our YMCA as great as our leaders, staff and members. When doing so, please also remember that many improvements also require funding and since we are a nonprofit organization, we are at the mercy of your generous contributions when it comes to making certain improvements. If you are unable to contribute financially but have some time to contribute to improving your community, stop by and request a volunteer packet. We also offer financial assistance to many families and individuals who are unable to afford full membership or program fees and this financial assistance is one of my favorite things about our YMCA. The financial assistance that we are able to provide is literally from neighbors to neighbors. We mean it when we say we are YOUR Adair County Family YMCA!

Soon we will be transitioning from the boisterous summer camp season into the more structured season of fall with school and fall sports. We are offering many of your favorite programs and fitness classes alongside some new ones! Check them out and take full advantage of your neighborhood YMCA and all that we have to offer!

See you soon!

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